Updating Portfolio on Miami Beach

I travelled with my friend Liis to Miami where we had pre-booked two different photographers for a two day photo shoot blitz to update our portfolios. It was great to finally get more outdoor shots in my portfolio. Most of my photographs had been in-studio with no natural lighting or setting. This trip was also a chance to bond with Liis, as we truly have always been two women who loved to exchange ideas and get inspired by each other and the world around us. This day felt very inspiring for me. I had shopped the day before in The Gap and found some very pastel and summery clothing that I would not normally find in Toronto at the time. I liked how Gap had created a palette to suit the pastels of Miami’s architecture.

Here I wore a sweater that I purchased in a department store in Poland when I was there on layover as a flight attendant. The brand name was Wallis which I now know can be found in stores across the United Kingdom. Wallis is still one of my favourite brands that carries larger sizes and doesn’t compromise style and detail. When it came to buying clothes to feature in my portfolio, I considered the clothes an investment in my wardrobe. This sweater was not cheap, but in this case, I got what I paid for. I wore it for about 10 years and always enjoyed it. I gave it to my mother in law when she visited from Russia and it was well received. It was just the right shade of taupy beige and I always wore a matching beige bra or camisole underneath to keep the lines clean. My mother instilled in me since my childhood that linen pants always look rich and have a fine quality. Plus they feel cool in the summer and look classy. I think they look very summery in this photo.

Liis and I, shooting the breeze

Liis and I, shooting the breeze

I was pleasantly surprised when I got the photos back and had lots of shots to choose from. I did not employ a stylist. I had done a major shopping spree in Scotland during a layover and had alot of good pieces to choose from. I have learned no stylist had more access to a wider variety of clothes as myself. I have made some mistakes, but when I learned to trust myself and get creative, I am my own best stylist. Plus I am not alone on set or on the beach. The photographer, makeup artist, and my colleague all put their creative input into the look. Clean and simple. Accessories are the first thing that date any photo, so I kept it clean.

Paula and Liis pose off in Miami after dark

Paula and Liis pose off in Miami after dark

It was getting late on the beach, but a very pregnant, scandinavian photographer was robustly taking photos and made me feel so good. Liis and I took turns as we changed outfits and had our makeup and hair touched up. The bonus was that the photographer had worked with plus size models before. So she had experience and knew how to make  voluptuous women look wunderbar in a photo and feel great! A successful photo shoot includes excellent hair and makeup, great lighting, chemistry with the photographer, lots of laughs, a great wardrobe and a bit of magic. We loved her zest for life and enthusiasm. We have always loved women who empowered each other. Together, we can all move mountains!

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Author:Stylish Stewy/Ask A Flight Attendant

A former plus size model and flight attendant reflects on an inner journey on this earth worth exploring.

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